Why EquipmentWallet

Working through EquipmentWallet for your equipment financing needs is simple and easy. With only a few details about your company and requirements, you get connected with the best finance companies suited for your equipment financing needs.


A marketplace that simplifies the equipment leasing process.


Financing for all small business types and equipment.


Save thousands by comparing quotes from finance companies.


Connects businesses with the best suited financing companies and terms.

Highlights Of EquipmentWallet

  • Compare Quotes from Top Lenders

    National and specialized lenders compete against each other for your business

  • Interest and Cost Savings

    Rate is an important concern for businesses looking to acquire and finance equipment.

  • Marketplace specific to Equipment Financing

    Dedicated to equipment leasing & financing options for business

  • Simplifies the Equipment Financing Process

    Takes an inefficient, complex, and dated process and simplifies it with the small business owner at the core.

  • Free to Use EquipmentWallet

    Connect with lenders to find the right approval for the best rate for free

  • Support for Many Different Credit Profiles

    Growing database of bank, national, and specialized lenders for all credit profiles

  • No Settling for only Bank or Dealer Financing Options

    Gain control over your equipment financing options by having lenders compete for your business

  • Financing for New & Used Equipment

    Options available for both new and used equipment and all asset types

  • Unbiased Equipment Financing Solutions

    Get competitive and standardized equipment financing quotes to compare.

  • Save Time and Resources

    Comparison shop many suited finance companies all in one convenient marketplace

You could Save Thousands of Dollars over the term of your finance contract by just comparing quotes on EquipmentWallet for FREE!


Get Started Now for Free. No Obligation and It Won’t Affect Your Credit.

Benefits Of Equipment Leasing

Simple & Easy Process

Equipment leasing is an easy process to acquire equipment needed to run your business.

Pay as you Profit from Equipment Use

Pay for the equipment as you earn revenue from using it on a monthly basis.

Cash Flow Management

Instead of laying cash out upfront for a purchase, pay monthly payments aligned with the income generated by the new equipment.

Preserves Capital in Your Business

Cash is not tied up in equipment. Money stays in the business for operating expenses, payroll, and emergencies.

Retains Borrowing Power

By leasing equipment, you do not affect future or current ability to borrow from your bank while conserving lines of credit and loans.

Low Monthly Payments

Pay affordable monthly payments while earning profits by use of the equipment.

Reduces Long-Term Debt

Carry a fixed term payment stream to guarantee paying the equipment in full in the most efficient timeline possible.

Overcomes Budget Limitations

Allows businesses to purchase more equipment or better quality equipment then otherwise would be affordable.

Save Time

Equipment leasing is faster then using a traditional bank or institutional lender.

Equipment Financing Decided by You.

Agriculture . Air Transport . Apparel & Fashion . Auto . Communications . Construction . Consulting & Services . Consumer Products & Retail . Education . Energy . Entertainment . Financial Services . Health & Medical and More...

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