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About Us

EquipmentWallet is an online marketplace that connects small business owners seeking equipment financing with the best finance companies suited for their needs.

We receive 1.99% from the finance company once the deal is completed as an marketing and service fee.

Small businesses use EquipmentWallet to shop the best equipment financing options to serve their business with one easy application process.

No, EquipmentWallet is not a direct lender but rather partners with top institutional and specialized finance companies in order to provide the best equipment finance options in one marketplace.


Simply login to your account with your email address and go to the completed deal section and click on the deal you need the information on.

Through our partners, EquipmentWallet offers equipment leases and loans.

Simply login to your account and click on "Get a New Lease".

Simply login to your account with your email address and go to the completed deal section and click on the deal to get the finance company's details and then call or email them the updated details.

We are headquartered in Toronto, GTA.


Each finance company will have their own criteria which will influence their rates such as cost of equipment, term, credit history, years in operation, industry, and type of equipment to name some of the key factors.

No, we do not pull a credit bureau, but rather rely on an accurate account from you on your credit and business. Once you have accepted a bid from a matched finance company, they may pull a commercial or personal bureau to complete their process.

Your business profile is matched to finance companies who have identified with your profile and provide their bid for the proposed equipment transaction for you to review and select the best option.

Once you accept the best bid, you will be contacted directly by the finance company by email and/or phone to complete the process and close the transaction.

Apply for equipment financing options anytime through our site. Visit our home page and click on "Apply Now".

As fast as the next day and ranging from 24 to 72 hours depending on the finance company and how responsive you are to their requests and documentation process to complete.

To complete their process, the finance company may request further information such as personal information of the business owner, finance statements, bank statements, personal networth statement, or an equipment quote.

Almost any type of equipment you can use for your business. See a list of equipment in Apply Now.

Equipment Financing Decided by You.

Agriculture . Air Transport . Apparel & Fashion . Auto . Communications . Construction . Consulting & Services . Consumer Products & Retail . Education . Energy . Entertainment . Financial Services . Health & Medical and More...

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