Our Story in Equipment Leasing

What is EquipmentWallet

EquipmentWallet is an online marketplace that connects small business owners seeking equipment financing with the best finance companies suited for their business needs through a bid & quote process, like an auction where the best bid is selected. This means that getting equipment financing is as easy as comparing hotels prices or a flight. EquipmentWallet does this by matching a business owners company profile with finance companies able to offer financing terms specific to their business. Lenders compete to provide the most competitive equipment financing options to the customer for their equipment financing needs by submitting their quotes and bids for consideration. All for free.



Why EquipmentWallet

Small business owners face many challenges when seeking equipment financing options due to the number of choices, companies offering equipment financing options, the qualification process, and the variety of ways in which finance companies present their quotes; making a potential deal a complex process to comparison shop.


EquipmentWallet takes all these complexities and nuances and simplifies it into an easy to use marketplace where business owners and lenders connect on the same terms. This means that getting equipment financing is as easy as comparing hotels or flights online to find the best value.


Highlights of the problems & concerns EquipmentWallet looks to address:


  • Rate is an important concern for businesses looking to acquire and finance equipment
  • No easy way exists to get and compare multiple equipment leasing options
  • Lenders and dealers leave business owners disconnect from market options and rates
  • Time and resource constrained business owners cannot shop and compare equipment leasing options effectively.
  • Takes an inefficient, complex, and dated process and simplifies it with the small business owner at the core
  • Get multiple quotes from matched lenders
  • Get real pricing and structures from real finance companies
  • No longer have to settle for only bank or dealer equipment financing options



How EquipmentWallet Works

Our bid & quote approach to equipment leasing enables business owners to compare options on an apples-to-apples basis to make the right decision for their business. For this, we have leveraged our founders experience and expertise in the equipment leasing industry and have built the right technology-assisted platform for small businesses and finance companies alike.


To make our "auction-style" bid & quote process successful, we strive to satisfy the interest of three parties:


  1. Business Owner - The business owners needs to see competitive financing options and doesn't want to be bothered by misaligned quotes or irrelevant options
  2. Finance Company wants to provide relevant and competitive options so business owners choose their financing terms and fit their credit criteria
  3. EquipmentWallet wants to ensure a great experience for business owners and finance companies so they come back and use our services in the future.


With one simple application, small business owners will be matched through our platform with finance companies who bid on their equipment financing business. Lenders compete for your business instead of the other way around; Equipment Financing Decided by You!

Our mission in Equipment Financing

To simplify the equipment leasing process for small business owners and finance companies alike so we are the number one destination marketplace for equipment financing.

Equipment Financing Decided By You.

Our approach to Equipment Financing

EquipmentWallet wants to empower small businesses in the equipment financing process by taking an inefficient, complex, and dated process and simplifying it with the business owner (the borrower) at its core.


Our understanding of the equipment financing needs of business owners and the gaps in traditional lending practices that impact their access to the best equipment leasing give us a unique perspective in executing on our mission.


At EquipmentWallet, we offer a simplified, streamlined equipment leasing shopping experience that gives businesses access to options that are best suited to them. The EquipmentWallet process uses a technology approach to identify business profiles and from that, suited lenders who would be able to offer a bid or quote for your equipment financing needs. This saves business owners time to focus on what matters to grow their business with best equipment and the best financing to ensure they stay competitive and efficient in their own markets to their own customers.


Get Started Now for Free. No Obligation and It Won’t Affect Your Credit.

Equipment Financing Decided by You.

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